Meet Mr. Blame

Meet Mr Blame…the silent spectator to all our arguments and others amusements.
The one who nobody want, yet is given to everyone without any thought.
He goes silently to the other person;
creating havoc when met with, denied of existence, instead of being dealt with.
Alone in the entire world with so many varieties, constantly been hated and with so many complexities.
Not one will ask him what the truth is, but only be shown how shallow their depth is.
Mr. Blame takes everything in his stride, and the one who gives him is so full of pride.
Unable to see in his anger, the innocent is left out on the hanger.

…and you know the best part, Mr. Blame is not so bad either,
the one who accepts him with arms wide open, is blessed with a token.
For he is the true friend of Mr. Blame, for he is who accepts him is not so lame.
Mr. Blame leaves him, as soon as he takes him.
This is the secret he says for you to know, let me in for me to go.


Communication Breakdown

We homo-sapiens are a weird kinda species when it comes to communication. If ‘speaking’ wasn’t enough to complicate things, we added ’emotions’ to complicate it further; feeling sad, happy, angry, frustrated, irritated and all the yet-to-be-catagorised ones of the other gender, and if this was still not enough, we’ve the non-verbal aspect of it- the tone, the pitch, the modulation, which leg is facing you and which isn’t, which angle is his/her face making and what should I make of him/her (not) calling!!!!

I and a very dear friend of mine, one of few with whom i could talk just bout anything, at anytime, are now not the same. I realize the times have changed, our priorities have changed and worst off, I may have played my part to screw it up. If only we had discussed or may be even fed the gyaan, things would have been different.

Why can’t we just speak our mind? Once in a while we do screw up…so what! If as a friend you cant even openly/brutally honest bout certain things, then what friend are you and I. I’m sitting here trying to figure out what exactly happened…doing all the permutations and combinations of might have happened and scratching my head (as if this summer wasn’t enough for it) and may be the same on the other side. If only….

Life is simple: eat when you feel like, shit when you have to and if in the hurriedness of shitting you missed out the fact that you did it in somebody’s courtyard, be ready to clean up your act.

I want to and I can…so keep your egos/b*lls/b**bs at bay and just blurt it out.

P.S Don’t blame it on maturity. Maturity is not about understanding things on your own, its about accommodating others view point when they are given.

If real life had directors…

Just watched the movie Break Ke Baad, it just made me wonder if the movie would have ended the way it has, had the main two roles had been reversed. I guess not. ‘Shahrukh’ would have made a scene with all the crying and being you-are-this-and-that and ‘sunita’ would get even more pissed that its-already-ugly-and-you-are-making-it-more-uglier by drying up all your wells instead of just sitting down and talking it out, making the whole process even more difficult than it already is. Instead ‘sunita’ was sensible and din’t make much of a scene rather he accepted it with grace (of cousre with a painful heart), he just let be, took it in and most importantly let her be…

If only real life had a director to take care of the audience ratings…

Well overall its a good movie, if you want to watch it more than once, make sure you do it with someone (preferably with that special friend).